Billboard N1

N1. Dimensions: 4m x 8m; Billboard Ad
The billboard ad is located at the crossroads of Taikos Avenue and Dubysos streets; therefore, it is located in an especially good place. On one side is the shopping mall “AKROPOLIS” at the entrance of which is a car park. On the other side, there is the furniture shopping mall “SILAS” and the shopping center “ELEKTROMARKT” both with car parking sites and entrances to the trading facilities. Nearby there is also the shopping mall “ARENA”.
It can be said that Taikos Avenue is the main artery connecting the northern and southern parts of the city. The exact location of the shopping mall “AKROPOLIS” (between the perpendicular streets of Kauno Street and Dubysos Street intersecting Taikos Avenue) is the most visited and frequently-used route to the shopping mall.

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